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What We Offer

At Beelanze Consults Ltd we strive to bring the best out of you by offering variety number of course and seminars. We have Seminars to suit just your need. Ranging from short hour sessions to longer hours that you can split depending on your availability, convenience based on agreement with the consultant. Discounts of up to 30% are available for the consultation sessions ONLY. The various plans are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. In addition we offer basic courses ranging from management to talent discovery and applications. A break down of our available courses and prices are shown.


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Our Basic Courses

At Beelanze Consults Ltd we offer a wide range of courses targeted at improving not only hard skills but also the soft skills which has been proven to be the most important skill. A detailed description of all our course are listed  below

  • Human Resource Management

  • Career discovery and development

  • Business innovations and strategies

  • Talent discovery and application

Human Resource Management Course Overview:
The Human Resource Management course has been specially designed to take participants through the core knowledge requirements HR professionals need for effective practice.

The course includes modules that relate to real life situations in the form of case studies and discounts. The training also prepares you for the PHR(R) and SPHR(R) certification conducted by Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

Human Resource Management Training Outline:
The course has been designed to cover the following knowledge areas:
1.Workforce Planning, Recruitment, and Employment
2. Human Resource Development and Performance Management
3.Compensation,payroll and Benefits
4.Employee and Labor Relations
5. Risk Management

Price : ₦53,000.00

The Career Discovery and Development Course Overview :

The Career Discovery and Development Course has been carefully put together to enable participants discover and make the appropriate career choice(s) while developing them.

This course contains core theories and real life approaches in the form of case studies, discussions, test practicals etc.

The CDD course has been designed to cover the following knowledge areas :
1.Career Selection Race
2. Right Placement
3. Setting and Meeting Career Goals and Objectives.
4. Exploring Career Opportunities and Exposing Career Secrets.
5.Career Building and Development

Price : ₦46,000.00

Business Innovation and Strategy:

The Business Innovations and Strategies (BIS) has been properly analyzed and designed by a team of successful business tycoons to enable our participants understand and apply the dynamics of a successful business in a constantly changing Economy.

This course contains core and tested business principles and strategies applicable to diverse businesses around the globe.Upon taking this course, there is a 100% assurance of improvement in the business mandate of our clients.

The BIS course has been designed to cover the following knowledge areas :
1. Fundamental Business Secrets
2. Business Planning and Management
3. Business Marketing and Outreach
4. Appropriate Business Investment at different levels.
5.Business Language and Statistics

Price : ₦65,000.00

Talent Discovery and Application Course Overview:
The Talent Discovery and Application course (TDA) comprises of modules and systems carefully designed to ensure that our clients not only discover their talents, but also develop and utilize same. Over the years, the impact of talent in the society cannot be over emphasized. Talents are inherent but also need to be developed for efficiency and that’s the essence of this course. This course is facilitated by individuals whose talents are visible and properly utilized in the society.

This course is mostly practical and covers the following knowledge areas :
1.Talent Discovery and Scrutiny
2. Talent Exploration
3. Talent Marketing and Sales
4. Talent Development and Management.

Price : ₦30,500.00

Our Time Table for 2018/2019 Session


16th June-1st July (Weekend)
11th June-15th June(weekdays).


9th July-13th July (Weekend)
7th July-22nd July(weekdays)


4th Aug-19th Aug(weekends)
6th Aug – 10th Aug (weekdays)


1st Sep-16th Sept(weekends)
3rd Sept – 7th Sept (weekdays)


6th Oct- 21st Oct (weekends)
1st Oct – 5th Oct (weekdays)


3rd Nov – 18th Nov (weekends)
5th Nov – 9th Nov (weekdays)


1st Dec – 16th Dec(weekends)
5th Dec – 9th Dec (weekdays)